Old Mill Lane Solar PV Install Old Mill Lane Solar PV Install Old Mill Lane Solar PV Install

Old Mill Lane Solar PV Install

The proposed development consisted of the installation of 392 ground mounted solar panels for Alkane Energy UK Ltd.  

The site which has been operated by Alkane Energy UK Ltd since 2005 to produce electricity on demand to the National Grid by means of gas powered generators. The gas is been extracted from old mine workings which were part of Sherwood Colliery that started mining operations in 1902 and was eventually closed in 1992. The “pit head” was located about three quarters of a mile from the development site. The site was chosen due to its close proximity to the old underground tunnels and mine workings and the depth that any new bore hole would need to be sunk to allow the extraction of the gas. The site of the colliery was sold for residential development.

The works will involve the installation of 392 ground mounted solar panels in an area of the site which is currently down to grass. The electricity produced by the panels will be used to supply the parasitic energy used to keep the engines warm (The engines have to be kept warm to ensure efficient operation. Any excess electricity produced will by feed into the National Grid. The area to be used for the proposed development covers 2993sqm. And is outlined in red on the attached location plan while the site as a whole covers 0.45 Ha and is outlined in blue to aid identification.

As part of the works a new 2.45m high security fence will be installed. The new security fence will be an extension to the existing security fence that was erected to secure the original gas extraction site. Similar galvanised steel palisade security fencing and access gates have been install on surrounding sites. The addition of the new fence will have no detrimental visual impact on the area in general due to the existence of similar fencing.

The site is located in an industrial area surrounded and industrial buildings, therefore the site was not sensitive with regards any planning issues. It is important that the application contains all technical details to allow the local authority to fully understand the proposed works and any effects or consequences arising from granting planning permission. Solar PV is becoming more common place and an acceptable planning use of land provided its location is carefully considered and a full set of design information is made available at the time of making the application.

Contract Period 4 Weeks

Contract Value £64k