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Lookers Sheffield

In 2007 the site of Lookers Ford in Saville Road East was affected by the flooding that occurred in Sheffield, parts of the site were submerged up to 1m deep in flood water. The Used Car Sales building was severely damaged by the flooding.

It was decided to relocate the used car team into the main showroom and refurbish the flood damaged building to accommodate two new franchises to the site, Kia and Alfa Romeo. The works involved dividing the existing building to create two new separate new car showrooms Kia an 8 car display and Alfa a 6 car display. The showrooms each had a dedicated customer entrance and signage zone. Common facilities such as customer toilets and sales office accommodation were positioned to serve each showroom and create a neutral zone between the showroom accommodation.

Each franchise had a dedicated used car display area adjacent the showrooms and separate customer parking.

Contract Value £240k

Contract Period 14 weeks